Metal Damage Characterisation

Coupon Testing and Material Cards for Automotive Crash

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Metals are the go-to materials for crash structures in mass produced vehicles, with the industry moving to lighter alloys, new manufacturing methods and increased safety requirements, how can you stay ahead of the curve with lightweight structures that pass crash tests at the first attempt?

Engenuity has developed an industry leading approach to characterise metals crash at coupon level with sophisticated material models such as GISSMO, DIEM and Johnson Cook, to help you create safe vehicle structures when using new materials in safety critical areas.


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There are several aspects that must come together to create sophisticated metal crash models, including triaxiality and strain rate dependency.

Engenuity has developed full test processes to measure and understand these, and create the material cards for explicit solvers such as LS-Dyna and Abaqus.


LS-Dyna has created GISSMO (Generalized Incremental Stress State dependent damage Model) and DIEM (Damage Initiation and Evolution Model) for accurate predictive analysis of metals crash, Engenuity is experienced with these material models and the associated material cards. We run the testing and correlate and validate the material cards from our HQ in the UK.


The Johnson Cook material card is the GISSMO equivalent in Abaqus/Explicit. Engenuity has experience in delivering the testing and validating the material card for predictive crash analysis in Abaqus/Explicit.



What other materials in your model need characterising?

Engenuity creates accurate and predictive material cards including damage for a range of explicit solvers. This includes cards for metals, rubbers, plastics, adhesives, composites and sandwich panels with aluminium honeycomb, foam and Nomex cores. The aim of our lab, in operation for approximately 10 years, is to bring the very high level of material characterisation capability normally only available at universities and research institutions to our customers at prices and leads times suitable for industry.

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