Engineered by Innovation

Advanced Engineering for
Composite Structures

Our tailored solutions help deliver SAFER, LIGHTER & HIGHER PERFORMING vehicles

Engineered by Innovation

Solutions for Metallic
Vehicle Structures

Analysis of fabricated metal structures to maximise lightweighting while avoiding failures in OVERSTRESS, FATIGUE & VIBRATION

Engineered by Innovation

Support for Explicit

Material characterisation, software and analysis services to help you achieve more accurate crash simulation in METALS & COMPOSITES

Engenuity is a specialised lightweight engineering company with 30 years’ experience in developing efficient structures.

Our breadth of experience and techniques have proven to be invaluable to clients across a host of industry sectors.

Choosing to work with us will enable you to develop lightweight, cost-efficient, high-performance components and assemblies in the shortest time scales and with great confidence.

Our Services

Our tailored solutions help you deliver SAFER, LIGHTER & HIGHER PERFORMING vehicles

Material Testing & Characterisation

Choose materials for efficient, cost-effective structural design. Characterise material properties and correlate material cards for accurate analysis prediction.

Composite Consultancy

Defining accurate load cases, select and characterising composite materials and use our analysis tools to define the best geometry and construction.

Structural Analysis

Achieve your strength and stiffness targets with minimum weight and cost.

Crash Simulation

Support for accurate impact analysis in all software, including CZone for predictive composite crash simulation.

Fatigue Analysis

Rigorous testing and analysis to ensure durability and avoid in service failures

Design for Additive Manufacturing

​Understand the anisotropy of additive manufactured materials to develop structural 3D printed components.

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Industry Sectors

Our tailored solutions deliver high-performance results across various sectors






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About the Group

Engenuity, engineering unit of HRC GROUP

Engenuity has been part of HRC Group since 2018. With over 2200 employees located in Europe and Asia, the group focuses on ADVANCED ENGINEERING, R&D and SERIES PRODUCTION for high-performance lightweight carbon fibre parts. As HRC Group we are able to support our customer from design to series production. 


Material characterisation

Finite element analysis

Track testing

Component validation


Advanced R&D

Process development

Prototype manufacture


Mass production

Mould design



Our Test Laboratory

We offer industry leading facilities that allow us to test and analyse advanced composites for OEMs worldwide. We are constantly evolving our laboratory to stay ahead of the latest composite technology.

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Our network of experienced sales engineers are happy to assist you.

If you are looking for further information or want to discuss anything with us, please feel free to contact us.