Material Cards for Structural Analysis

Material Characterisation for Abaqus, LS-Dyna, Nastran, and Altair

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Using fully characterised materials in your analysis ensures accurate predictions. Too often, meticulous models created for simulation are fed with unverified TDS properties, missing data on critical failure modes and behaviours. We created the Engenuity materials  characterisation laboratory, under the same roof as our analysis team, to ensure our predictions for component and system structural behaviour were verified right through the engineering process. The result is we can develop better performing and more reliable products, faster, with reduced costs from prototyping and physical testing and lower weight and in-production expenses by using less material in the final product.

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Our material card creation services go right from coupon creation from flat plaques, through physical testing and material model correlation to validation in your chosen simulation package. These services are available to anyone, whether you’re a simulation services provider, an OEM, Tier 1 or further down the supply chain. 

Over the last few years, Engenuity has supplied material cards to some of the biggest composite material manufacturers in the world. They have used this high quality, independent data as a point of difference; to convince the technical teams of their customers that their materials are the right choice on active projects. Investing in their competitive advantage to win more business.


High performance, expensive materials demand efficient use. To use them efficiently means understanding the key properties these materials bring to the application and the amount of material required to avoid failure under the loading conditions.

Engenuity has developed tests to characterise behaviour and failure under all loading conditions, and accurately describe these failures to commercial simulation packages. This includes:

  • Tensile Strength and Modulus
  • Compressive Strength and Modulus
  • In- Plane Shear Strength and Modulus
  • Cyclic Shear
  • Interlaminar Shear Strength
  • Free and Delamination Suppressed Crush Stress
  • Fracture Energy Release Rate
  • Fatigue
  • Adhesive peel and shear

This testing can also be carried out at elevated and cold temperatures and with environmental and chemical conditioning. 


The Engenuity material characterisation laboratory was founded to generate independent, accurate data with high levels of efficiency and traceability. This means we can accurately characterise materials at a much lower cost and faster lead time than national laboratories and applied research institutes. Learn more about the lab here.


Crash simulation is one of the biggest challenges for engineering analysis but also the most expensive development to do through prototypes and physical testing. Engenuity provides accurate physical failure properties for all materials to improve crash modelling predictions. However, a number of simulation products also use non-physical parameters such as SOFT in LS-Dyna which cannot be characterised at the material level. 

​We are happy to support your efforts in all simulation packages to get the best possible answer, our preferred route is to use the CZone add-on to Abaqus Explicit which eliminates the need for non-physical parameters and enables accurate, blind predictions for composite crash. Learn more about CZone here.

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