Engenuity was founded in 1993 and current directors Graham Barnes and Ian Coles have been here from the start. The company began conducting design and stress analysis for the aerospace industry, as well as body stiffness and crash safety for vehicles.

Great strides were made in the analysis of composite structures in the fierce world of motor racing. Design and analysis strategies were able to help clients maximise the benefits of composite materials, and CZONE software was developed for composite crash prediction.

Many years and successful motor racing projects later, Engenuity began taking our composite experience and knowledge into the mainstream world of the automotive Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Software and engineering techniques developed for the racing world found new usage in this field, allowing Engenuity to showcase the feasibility of using carbon composites for mass production. Projects have included thermoplastic over-moulded reinforcements for metal Body In White (BIW) car structures and even all composite BIWs.

2016 saw the company move to its current premises in Burgess Hill, West Sussex and the formation of a dedicated test laboratory. The new location and facilities allowed us to vastly expand the range of composite tests we offer and to characterise materials in new ways.

In 2018 Engenuity became part of HRC group, giving the backing needed to take on larger projects and expand analysis techniques into the composite manufacturing sector.

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