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Engenuity’s motorcycle expertise encompasses all stages of product development. We work with leading OEMs and Tier 1s, supplying engineering services including finite element analysis optimisation of components and data acquisition to recover real world loadings.  Our extensive experience includes the development of frames, yokes, wheels, swing arms, fuel tanks, under a range of abuse loadcases and fatigue cycles, providing weight efficient and durable structures.


Engenuity have analysed hundreds of motorcycle components and systems over the past 30 years.  Accurate analysis development has resulted in the ability to move to production tooling without costly prototype builds. We have a wealth of industry experience – from scooters to superbikes – resulting in an in-depth knowledge of the challenges faced when designing motorcycles.

Robust and reliable procedures have been honed in order to reduce turn around time from concept to detail design.  When faced with a new problem our depth of expertise is available to find real world solutions.


Engenuity quantify the performance of a design under anticipated abusive conditions as well as calculating fatigue life under the application of comprehensive duty cycles.  This essential information enables an intelligent design with a calculated life span, therefore managing the risk of products failures. 


Engenuity are pioneers in the application of advanced materials and the manufacturing methods required to use them. Our in-house test laboratory enables the selection, screening and accurate specification of the optimum material and verification of the final product.  Our clients are able to benefit from the properties of the most advanced materials available, including: 

  • Complex cast and forged metals
  • Plastic mouldings
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Laminated, over-moulded and random fibre composites 


Engenuity use high specification data acquisition equipment to measure the exposure of your motorcycle in complex and varied scenarios, enabling the accurate definition of duty cycles and analysis, ensuring that designs are suitable for their intended environment.  Couple this data with Engenuity’s advanced optimisation methods and resulting components are mass optimised with tailored stiffness and without compromising strength and durability. 


  • Streamlined development process, reducing prototypes
  • Recommendations based on accurate predictions
  • High structural efficiency for low mass and cost
  • Confidence in extended life durability

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