Material Testing Laboratory Management System

Engenuity LMS

More than just a system for information management, the Engenuity LMS is a complete solution for your material testing to generate better results, easier, faster and more reliably. Honed for years in the state-of-the-art Engenuity test lab, it features unique abilities to interface with equipment, automatically transmit and store data and get you from sample sheet to test complete with minimum effort and maximum accuracy. 

​Key features:

– Interface with test equipment for load, deflection, stress, 2D strain, high speed photography and more
– Generate specimens from test material using computer based nesting software and CNC controlled cutting equipment
– Direct-to-material sample labelling without affecting material properties
– QR code tracking with interface to LMS for error free result storage
– Digital Image Correlation (DIC) for 2D strain measurement of all samples
– Permission system with view and edit controls for each access level
– Cloud based with access via desktop or mobile

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Reliable Laboratory Management

The Engenuity LMS is the child of a materials test lab, with full understanding of the challenges involved in sample preparation, testing, results collection and all the potential issues. Now in use in multiple material testing laboratories around the world, it is optimized to solve the challenges your team face every day. The LMS is built around machines for measuring load, deflection, stress, strain, hardness, fracture toughness, stress cycles and more. With the option of adding high speed or incidental photography to the results file. 

Engenuity LMS works from a secure, cloud based, central database on the Microsoft Azure platform, this can be accessed from anywhere in the world through the internet. The entire system is paper free, removing errors from mixed up pages and handwritten notes.

Sample Preparation and Tracking

The data trail on the material test coupon exists before the coupon does. Select the raw material and the test standard, the system generates a reference number and saves this information together. The data trail has begun. If the test standard dictates the sample size, the nesting tool will automatically generate an image of the sample and ask where it should be placed on the raw material sheet. The dimensions, reference data and DIC pattern are added to the sheet, now the sheet can be sent for coupon preparation either manually or using a CNC tool such as a water jet cutter or router. 

Engenuity can support installation of the LMS by providing the hardware required to achieve any of these capabilities or interface with existing equipment. 

Systems & People: Managed

The access levels and cloud based system allows live monitoring of the lab through an internet connection, test requests can be sent and approval can be given for a user on an individual piece of equipment. Projects can be setup, resourced and allocated to test technicians. The system will notify a health and safety supervisor if a technician tries to start at test without the necessary permissions, and the risk assessment for the equipment can be accessed electronically. With schedules being stored and managed the equipment will notify the relevant person of any maintenance requirements.

Workflow for Better Control

Design Your Own LMS

Every lab is unique. The Engenuity LMS can be developed to add more functionality and integrations, or reduced for a simpler more cost-effective system. Contact us today and tell us what you need. 


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