Charpy Testing of Composites

Screening Composite Materials for Fracture Toughness

Fracture toughness is a key property for any part which needs to resist damage, such as a carbon fibre wheel which may have some stone chip or kerb damage but still needs to resist shattering when hitting a pothole. Engenuity use Charpy as a quick test to screen for fracture toughness from a number of candidate materials. This is done at the early stages of a project which allows selection of a suitable material before full characterisation is carried out. 

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Reduce Risk with Accurate Composite Screening 

Material screening selects and tests the most important properties for an application to down select possible materials. Engenuity offer a range of tests including static and dynamic properties, plus at temperature and with exposure to different chemicals.

This video shows our Charpy test to screen for fracture toughness. This failure mode can be exacerbated by environmental conditions, including cryogenic or corrosive fluids causing cracking. Cold temperatures also make materials more brittle.

Fracture Toughness Characterisation

Engenuity also offers alternate tensile and compressive fracture toughness tests for characterisation, along with tests for Mode I and Mode II interlaminar crack growth. 

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